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We will work with individuals in providing themselves with consistent attainable and reliable tools that will assist them in transitioning from a level of chaos into a level of personal and professional balance.


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Being advised by Ms. Zayna Young is a worthy experience for those who need and seek sound counsel. She invitingly delivers charged, motivating, insightful words of wisdom from the attentive ear of a woman who knows and understands the peaks and valleys of the human condition. Again, she is a worthy, therapeutic clinician.

R. Haynie
New York, NY

On many occasion Zayna has been an open ear to listen to all of my problems. Zayna has coached me through deciding to pursue my driver’s license at the age of 18 which resulted in me purchasing my first car at the age 21. She has been my go to girl when it comes to budgeting my finances, which she does very well. Zayna Young does it all. I highly recommend he services.

L. James
NYC Employee
Brooklyn, NY

"Zayna has a special talent for recognizing the potential in an individual, and calling that person to action! She refuses to accept mediocrity, and demands (with love and humor, of course) the same from those around her. Don't be fooled by her great big smile, and even bigger heart! This woman speaks the truth and will inspire you to take the long, hard road toward your personal best!"

J. Zach
Retail Salesperson
New York, NY

Ms. Young is very professional and is personable. She is patient and an outstanding listener during our discussion sessions. She has the techniques/ skills to direct individuals on the right path towards his/her goals. Her perspective and insight seems to always make sense, which has done wonders in my situation. I would recommend Ms. Zayna Young anytime to anyone who needs some form of guidance.

S. Paillant
School Counselor
San Diego, CA